A Muslim Girl Topper in a Gujarat  School was Denied Recognition

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A Muslim Girl Topper in a Gujarat School was Denied Recognition

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Ahmadabad: According to reports, a girl who graduated as the top student from Kheda School in Gujarat was excluded from the list of victors honoured on August 15 during the Independence Day celebrations.

Despite earning 87 percent on her tests, Arnaz Banu was not given the same recognition as the others. The second-place finisher and others with lower scores, however, were identified.

The parents of Arnaz allege that the school administration discriminates against them because of their religion.

Arnaz was not felicitated because we are Muslims, and this is Gujarat. We must face discrimination because we follow Islam,” Arnaz’s father, Sanwar Khan, was quoted by Vibes of India.

The teachers reportedly told the kid’s parents that she would only be honoured on the day of the prize distribution after the girl wept and sobbed.

The school maintains that it upholds a stringent policy prohibiting all forms of discrimination. One may be confident that on January 26th, the deserving student will get her reward. “It’s noteworthy that she was absent on the designated day, which hindered the presentation,” the school’s principal was quoted as saying by the VOI.

However, the parents have refuted the claims, stating that their daughter was present on the day. “The school is equipped with CCTV cameras, which can provide the necessary clarification,” Sanwar Khan said.

However, her parents claimed that it was not the prize but the recognition for her hard work and dedication she wept for.