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Appoint Good Teachers to Ward of New Education Policy’s Bad Effects

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Bangalore: Today Muslims need to develop and grow in several areas. Muslims are not short on intelligent and gifted individuals. To advance the Muslim nation, professionals in the fields of law, academia, and economics should all collaborate. At a special gathering of academics and intellectuals on July 7 at Bangalore’s Darul Uloom Sabeel Al Rashad, Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, the vice president of the All India Milli Council and general secretary of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, said this. The meeting was held by the All India Milli Council of Karnataka with the theme “Vision 2050 Higher Education for the Indian Muslims.”

According to Maulana Rahmani, Muslims are currently displaying signs of despondency and despair. If that is the case, we will lose. The need to uplift Muslims and cheer them on must be addressed. Maulana Rehmani emphasized the importance of education among Muslims and addressed the education specialists and its administrators, advising them to concentrate on this subject methodically. He said that each of us should serve as an inspiration to those in our own circles. The new education policy being implemented by the present government would hurt our civilization, thus we must hire and prepare excellent teachers for the classrooms so that our kids can receive an education and training.

Adding that today there is no training in the education system, only education. He asked that a survey be conducted to determine which areas lack schools. Create schools there and also teach contemporary sciences in madrasas. Other organizations should be concerned with the issue of education in addition to the Milli Council. Muslims require the media as well. They ought to access online media.

Every Muslim now needs to grasp the responsibilities in his profession and field, according to Mufti Muhammad Abedin, secretary of the All India Milli Council for Social Reform, who spoke on this occasion. The government is trying to spread civilization today through education, which is a difficult task. According to him, Muslim management schools have a big obligation to safeguard the faith of the students enrolled in their courses.

He issued a caution that children can go astray from Islamic teaching if we do not educate them. For this, develop a curriculum that is unaffected by the new educational guidelines for youngsters. Children’s faith will be lost if we do not safeguard it today. That will be our responsibility.

The president of the Milli Council of Karnataka, Mufti Baqir Arshad, also shared his opinions. Maulana Sagheer Ahmad Khan, Ameer Shariat, presided over the gathering. There was also Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Baqvi. Salman Khan, the Milli Council’s assistant secretary, carried out Nizamat’s responsibilities. Both representatives from the Milli Council and the Muslim Management Schools were present at the meeting.