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Campaign to Provide Clothes to Dalit and Adivasi Kids

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By Imran Inamdar

On May 24, TwoCircles.net published a story which showed a unique attempt to bring a smile to the faces of Dalit and Adivasi children in Maharashtra, during Ramadan. Since that day, the phone of Subhan Ali, the man behind the mission, has not stopped ringing. Even though Ramadan is over, he is still getting phone calls from people who are eager to donate. Ali says, “Our target was to provide new clothes to 10,000 Dalit and Adivasi children but we never thought it would be achievable. But after your news report, we have received so much media coverage and support from people. We have already provided clothes to about 3,000 people and we are confident we will meet our target.” Since the beginning of Ramadan, the volunteers working with Subhan Ali have nearly covered 20 districts till date. “This activity will be running next 10 to 15 days in parts of Maharashtra, with the highest activity visible around Pune. We will achieve the target of 10,000, inshallah,” Ali added.