Egg Donation Raises Over Rs 2.26 Lakh  for Mosque Construction

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Egg Donation Raises Over Rs 2.26 Lakh for Mosque Construction

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In a heartwarming gesture of community support, an egg donated for the construction of a mosque in Sopore, Kashmir, fetched an impressive sum of Rs 2.26 lakh in an auction. The local mosque committee, managing the religious site’s development, initiated the donation drive, accepting contributions both in cash and kind from residents of Malpore village.

An anonymous elderly woman contributed a freshly laid egg from her chicken, symbolizing the unity and generosity of the community. All donations in kind were presented for auction, with the egg emerging as the most coveted item. Over three days, residents participated in bidding rounds, with the successful bidder returning the egg to the committee as a further donation to support mosque construction.

On the auction’s final day, Danish Ahmad, a young businessman from Warpora, made a significant bid of Rs 70,000 for the egg. Despite not being affluent, Ahmad expressed his eagerness to contribute to the mosque’s construction, driven by his passion and emotional connection to the sacred space.

Following multiple bidding rounds, the collective contributions amounted to an impressive Rs 2,26,350, highlighting the community’s dedication to realizing the ambitious project.