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First Online Islamic Store for Kids

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India’s first exclusive for kids, Online Islamic Store was launched last month. This website though conceptualized to be at par with Amazon or Flipkart, is unlike them, as it showcases only Islamic products exclusively for kids. Founders of the Online Islamic Kids Store, Aaliyah Khan and Fareha Khan say, “India has a large majority of Muslim population, but as our children grew, we felt a dearth of quality Islamic children’s products as well as ignorance among masses about the same. This online store has been designed keeping in mind the busy lives of present Muslim parents. So in just a click, one can have access to all quality Islamic products for the child, like toys, books, games or clothes.
“We have story books based on the Quran and the Prophets, learning and activity books from reputed publishers, Islamic board games and talking dolls, which will surely keep your kids engaged in some halal form of entertainment this summer vacation. Our quality Islamic products are bought from all over world including India, U.K, Australia and Dubai,” says Aaliyah.
For more details, visit: http://www.theislamickidstore.com/
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