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Five Muslim Journalists Win Laadli Media Awards

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By Raqib Hameed Naik

Abdul Gani, Dr Syed Mubin Zehra, Mohd Tariq Zargar, Rahiba Rashid, and Tazeen Qureshi were shortlisted for the Laadli Media Awards the award. The award ceremony took place in New Delhi. The award carries a certificate and a trophy. Guwahati-based journalist Abdul Gani, who has earlier worked for Twocircles.net and now writes for Times of India, The Citizen, Nezine and Anadolu Agency, was awarded for the ‘best web feature’ in English language. The web feature story ‘When All Become One’ published on nezine.com focuses on the efforts of a group of village women led by Purnima Devi Barman to conserve the endangered greater Adjutant Stork in Kamrup district of Assam. Along with Gani, Dr Syed Mubin Zehra’s column  “Sarghoshiya” in Urdu newspaper Inquilab, Mohd Tariq Zargar’s “Bete Aye Khusiyan Laye” on Radio Kashmir, Rahiba Rashid magazine feature, “Staying, Fighting and Dreaming’ and Tazeen Qureshi, electronic  feature, “In an Odisha village, a bold conversation movement by women”  telecasted on NDTV were also awarded for their contributions.