Jamiat Ahle Hadith hosts  19th Musabeqatul Hifaz and Tafseer-e-Quran

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Jamiat Ahle Hadith hosts 19th Musabeqatul Hifaz and Tafseer-e-Quran

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New Delhi: The Holy Book is an incredible source of guidance and a valuable asset to the nation and humanity. Its teachings are essential in today’s dismal and bleak times. Through it, we can serve the country. It is critical to emphasize to fellow citizens its most fundamental and relevant teachings to promote peace, brotherhood, national unity, communal harmony, and the control of mutual animosity, violence, and terrorism. Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mahadi Salafi, Ameer Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith, shared these thoughts at the 19th Musabeqatul Hifaz and Tajveed’s closing event Tafseer-e-Quran.

The Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith hosted the Qira’at competition on June 18-19 at its Jamiat Complex in Delhi. The event was held after a gap of two-year due to the Covid-19-induced lockdown. All contestants who placed first, second and third in each of the six categories received cash awards, watches, important books, and certificates of appreciation. Around 350 students from all around India competed in the recitation of the Quran, representing diverse religious and contemporary institutions, regardless of their Maslak.

Continuing his address, the Jamiat president Asghar Ali stated that the world looks to us for direction and that we should strive to be faithful followers of the Qur’an. If we truly follow the Qur’an’s humane teachings, humanity will be transformed, and every soul will benefit from its bounties. It is a source of joy to recite or remember the Holy Qur’an, but only by putting it into one’s veins and living according to its teachings can one be given its due.

The children should be commended for retaining the treasure of the Holy Quran in their chests, and their parents should be commended for displaying concern for the next generation, he added.

According to Maulana Muhammad Haroon Sanabli, Nazim-e-omumi of Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth, the Holy Quran is a great book. It is our job to read it and pass it on to others. The tournament contestants must preserve their bond with the Holy Quran and adhere to its obligations. What exactly is it? Anyone affiliated with this book has been accorded an excellent level of respect and dignity. It was said that the night it was revealed was better than a thousand months. Ruh-ul-Amin was the name given to the angel that delivered it.

Maulana Ata-ur-Rehman Qasmi, President of Shah Waliullah Institute, said that the Jamiat Ahle Hadith Hind is rendering valuable services in education, welfare, and youth capacity-building. He lamented that only reading or reciting the Quran is considered sufficient nowadays, and we made efforts to break this tradition

Huffaz are the representatives of Islam, according to Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Deputy Amir Syed Amin Al-Hassan. The Qur’an’s verses are so captivating that even non-believers listen to its recital with rapt attention. He recalled how non-believers used to listen to the Quran secretly in the dark of night in Makkah in the early days. He also related an instance involving a cultural exchange between Egypt and the former Soviet Union. Egypt dispatched its legendary Qari Abdel Basit Abdel Samad as its cultural envoy, enthralling everyone in the Russian Parliament, including President Khrushchev, by reciting the Qur’an in his lovely voice. He added that we must disseminate Allah’s message and offer it to the entire globe.

Maulana Zahid Raza Rizvi, President of the Ulema Council of Uttarakhand, said that the order with which this competition was organized and the enthusiasm with which this competition was organized is commendable. The Quran is the most read book in the world.

Sheikh Badr bin Nasser Alanzi, the religious attache at Saudi Arabia’s embassy in India, acknowledged his delight at being a part of the competition’s closing ceremony, describing it as a source of pride and joy. He expressed gratitude to the Jamiat for propagating genuine faith throughout the country. Allah has kept the Holy Qur’an for all time and has made it a vital source of protection and preservation for the memorizers whose prestige and encouragement he claims are gained via such competitions. There is a morality culture, as well as knowledge of the Qur’an and moderation techniques.

The Saudi diplomat added that Allah Almighty had blessed Saudi Arabia’s leadership with the honour of offering different services to Muslims, including safeguarding holy shrines and pilgrim services and honourable service to Allah’s Book. In every living language on the planet, the Holy Quran is available. Saudi Arabia has made an indelible mark on the world through publishing translations of the Holy Qur’an. One hundred thousand copies of the Holy Qur’an have been donated to Indian Muslims.

Sheikh Sufiyan Sheikh Subhani of Malegaon received the first prize and Rs. 10,000 in cash. In the fifth category, Muhammad Sameer Amir Shajar and Muhammad Kaif of UP won first place. 13 additional children received second and third place awards.