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An innovative story writing contest on Hindu-Muslim co-existence

Pune: The city-based Hamid Dalwai Islamic Research Institute recently organised an innovative story writing contest. The institute had called for stories based on people’s personal experience about Hindu-Muslim co-existence in the society and received hundreds of stories narrating how the two communities are living peacefully with each other in the society even celebrating their festivals together.
The first story is based on Saloni Chavan’s experience with her Muslim neighbour’s family. Saloni, who lives in Pune’s Gorapade Peth area is a B.Com second year student. She is a Hindu, but ever since she was 6 months old, she is part of her neighbour, Nisar and Marium Shaikh’s family. Saloni in her story wrote that she is an integral part of the  Shaikh family. 
“I am so much niggled in the family that I proudly tell friends that I have two mothers and two fathers.” The institute has decided to publish the 100 selected stories in a book format titled ‘Katha Shatak’. Rajendra Bahalkar, Secretary, Hamid Dalwai Islamic Research Institute said, “There are several misconceptions about Muslims in our society. There is a need for allaying these misconceptions from the minds of people. So, we have designed this story writing project on peaceful co-existence of Hindu and Muslims. Though these are the small stories, but its impact will be big.”