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Hyderabad Muslims Condemn Terror Attacks in Sri Lanka

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Hyderabad: Hyderabad’s St George’s Church on April 28 saw a rather unusual guest addressing the 300-odd Christians assembled for the morning worship service.
An Imam was speaking of peace, condemning the ghastly terror attack in Sri Lanka that killed more than 350 people, mostly Christians and international tourists in the island nation.As many churches in Hyderabad wore a gloomy look after the bomb attacks in Sri Lanka, Muslim clergy and scholars came together and spoke of religious harmony at various churches in the capital city of Telangana. During the worship service, Shaikh MirzaYawarBaig, an Imam of Masjid Mahmood Habib in Banjara Hills, along with other Muslim clergy and scholars, visited the church.With flowers for distribution, as a symbol of peace, and placards that read of spreading ‘unity,’ the group met the members of the church after the service. The pastor of the church invited the Imam to address the congregation.”God is one, whatever name you call or however way you worship. But as far as this world is concerned, we are brothers and sisters to one and other,” Baig, an alumnus of St George’s Grammar School told the gathering.
Resident presbyter of St George’s Church, M PrashanthBabu, said, “TheMuslim scholars came in the morning and asked if they could meet the members. But we invited them to speak. They were extremely sad with what happened in Sri Lanka and preached the message of peace.”
The Muslim group was led by Mecca Masjid society vice-president Iqbal Jaweed, architect Khaja Asif Ahmed and members from the Students Islamic Organisation.
(Extracted from mattersindia.com)