Key Event on the Role of Ulama  in Shaping Islamic Society

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Key Event on the Role of Ulama in Shaping Islamic Society

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NEW DELHI: The Community Education Center recently hosted a significant event on February 18, focusing on the pivotal role of Ulama in shaping Islamic society. Presided over by Mufti Sohail Ahmad Qasmi, President of Majlis Ulama Delhi, the event saw active participation from Ulama and Imams representing various mosques.

The proceedings began with Maulana Muhammad Khurshid Qasmi reciting the Holy Quran. Mufti Sohail Ahmad Qasmi emphasized the leadership role of Ulama in societal reform efforts, urging unity and the avoidance of unnecessary rituals while preserving sect identities.

Mufti Muhammad Ahmadullah Qasmi, Assistant President of Majlis Ulama Delhi, underscored the importance of mutual respect and solidarity among scholars, regardless of religious differences. He emphasized the need for systematic task execution and building friendly relationships with the community.

Various Ulama and Imams shared their insights on the “Role of Ulama in the Construction of Islamic Society.” Surah Asr was recited by Maulana Muhammad Shahabuddin, emphasizing scholars’ role in societal advancement.

Maulana Muhammad Rashid Qasmi from Jamia Al-Abrar al-Islamia highlighted the significance of scholars’ morality, faith, and character in societal progress. Maulana Muhammad Tariq Nadvi cautioned against dividing sciences in the name of religion and worldly affairs, while Maulana Mutahhar Hayat Nadvi stressed the importance of aligning actions with Islamic principles.

Dr. Anees Ahmed Falahi called for scholars to base their teachings on the Quran and Sunnah, fostering Islamic brotherhood and actively promoting it. The event concluded with gratitude expressed by Maulana Muhammad Salim, Secretary of Majlis Ulama, Kanchan Kunj, and Qari Abdul Manan, Assistant President of Majlis Ulama Delhi.

Thirty Ulama and Imams participated in the event, skillfully moderated by Dr. Anees Ahmed Falahi.