Maulana Mujaddidi Urges to Incorporate Contemporary  Subjects in the Madrasa Education System

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Maulana Mujaddidi Urges to Incorporate Contemporary Subjects in the Madrasa Education System

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Aurangabad: Maulana Fazl-ur-Rahim Mujaddidi, general secretary of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), strongly suggested that the madrasa education system, which primarily adheres to the antiquated “dars-e-nizami syllabus,” needs to incorporate contemporary subjects.

Maulana Mujjadadidi, who is also rector of the esteemed Islamic seminary Jamea Tul Hidaya in Jaipur, gave a presidential address at the “Education Expo 2023” in Aurangabad. He urged madrassa managers to recognize the needs of the modern world and give careful consideration to the intellectual and educational development of their students, providing them with a modern and religious education before releasing them into society.

It is imperative, according to Maulana Mujaddidi, to organize intellectual and educational workshops and fairs across the country so that people can comprehend the demands and ideological invasion of the modern era and get ready to face it head-on. This will also ensure the preservation of Urdu literature and language, he added.

The conference was organized for the officials of madrasas and selected Ulemas of area in this historic city.

Nadeem Akhtar, a resident of Meerut, gave the opening lecture of the conference on the subject of “Reality of Secularism.” He delivered a thorough lecture on the popular conceptions of communism and secularism. Retired chief commissioner of income tax Akram-ul-Jabbar gave the second lecture on “Minority Institutions and Tax Matters,” while renowned educationist Tanveer Ahmed gave a thoroughly researched talk on “Responsibility of Arbab Madaris in Light of New Education Policy.”

Advocate Fawwaz Shaheen delivered a speech titled “Religious Institutions and Legal Matters.” In addition to providing insightful commentary on the processes involved in documenting instances of violence and oppression, he satisfactorily answered the questions posed by the audience.

The director of the India Islamic Academy in Deoband, Maulana Mehdi Hasan Aini Qasmi, gave a speech on the subject of “Ideological Invasion and Responsibilities of Scholars.” He provided a thorough introduction before discussing the dominant global ideologies, including liberalism, secularism, capitalism, Orientalism, colonialism, internationalism, globalization, humanism, feminism, atheism, and agnosticism. He also emphasized the tasks that needed to be carried out.

He also covered hot-button issues like jihad, the saffron trap, apostasy, and assimilation, in addition to giving a thorough discussion on the dominant ideologies in India, including Shudhikaran, homecoming, Hindutva, nationalism, and patriotism.

The Islamic Research Center Education & Welfare Trust and Deoband’s India Islamic Academy organized the two-day “Education Expo 2023” on December 16–17, in which a number of academicians, scholars, and special guests were present.

Maulana Mohammed UmrainMahfooz Rahmani, secretary, All India Muslim Personal Law Board, proposed a vote of thanks. He stated, “It is imperative that young people and scholars keep their minds updated and engaged in intellectual pursuits.”

Maulana Marghubur Rahman Tayyab Qasmi, Deputy Director of the India Islamic Academy, Deoband, conducted the conferencesessions. Selected academics from Telangana and Maharashtra, as well as Aurangabad and Marathwada, took part in the workshop.

According to the press release, this was the second intellectual workshop hosted by the India Islamic Academy, Deoband, and such conferences will be held throughout the country.