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Only Quality Education Will Bring Change: SY Qureshi, Former Chief Election Commissioner

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New Delhi: Have you ever wondered why all good deeds begin in the south while we in the north are so far behind? Professor KA Siddique Hassan of Kerala would come from Kerala to build Al-Shifa Hospital in Delhi. The disturbing thing is that today’s Muslims are not adhering to Islam’s precepts. The first commandment of Islam is to read, yet we are not educated. Women have rights under Islam, but Muslims are not willing to grant them.

Former Indian Chief Election Commissioner Dr. SY Qureshi shared these thoughts at the India Islamic Cultural Center during the Human Welfare Foundation’s Professor Siddique Hassan Memorial Scholarship Distribution Program held on June 18, 2022.

Dr. Qureshi, who spoke as a special guest, stated that while it is true that you are discriminated against, if you are good, you will get opportunities, and only quality education will bring about change. Northern India’s tradition of awarding bogus degrees is ruining generations. “I am pleased that the Human Welfare Foundation has taken concrete initiatives to promote high-quality education, which are proving to be successful.

In his presidential address, Dr. Siraj Hussain, retired IAS and president of the Human Welfare Foundation, said, “It is a big problem for children not to get quality education at the moment. I advise you to do hard work and you will get what you want despite all odds.”

He advised graduate and postgraduate students to consider joining the civil service, and those interested in journalism should begin writing right away; real dedication is the key to success.

H Abdul Raqib, a trustee of the Human Welfare Foundation, claimed he worked with Siddique Hassan for more than five decades. One of his traits was that he believed it was vital to think in new ways, develop new ways, and work in new fields. Hassan sb was upset by the poverty in North India, and he used to bring this issue to the notice of people in South India.

He further said that Prof. Siddique Hassan was appreciative of his talents and always promoted such people.

Radha Krishnan was appointed as the editor of Madhyamam, which has grown into a global daily, according to Dr. Sameer Fakhro. In Kerala, Prof Hassan launched the Solidarity Moment, the IRW, and he also linked society with the arts. He established dozens of companies after founding the Human Welfare Foundation in 2006. Prof Hassan’s ambition was to be a human benefactor, not a taker but a giver. India is a land of limitless possibilities. There is huge potential here, as well as challenges.

Abdul Jabbar Siddiqui, Trustee Engineer, Human Welfare Foundation, presented the Vision 2026 future projects at this event. “The entire team worked under Prof. Hassan’s direction 15 years ago today, and under his leadership, we have learned a lot,” he remarked. We either learn or win when we take a step. We have no idea how to lose. We can ensure that our children rank in the top 50 of every university ranking. Prof. Siddique Hassan, who used to argue that if the north changes, India will change, transferred the resources of the south to the north,

The first ‘Best NGO and Best Social Engineer Award’ will be given to a non-profit organization or individual who excels in the field of human services. Those who have had great achievements in the last five years will be rewarded Rs. 100,000 each, while NGOs will receive Rs. 500,000.

The second is the ‘Academic Publication’ project. A plan has been put in place to create an article about Prof. Siddique Hassan Sahib’s work so that future generations might learn from his life experiences.

It should be noted that this was the inaugural batch of the Prof. KA Siddique Hassan Memorial PG Scholarship, in which 28 PG students were handed one-year cheques of Rs. 30,000 each. To strengthen its educational efforts and expand the scholarship programme, the Human Welfare Foundation has established the ‘Professor KA Siddique Hassan’ Memorial PG Scholarship. This fellowship will be awarded every year to excellent Indian postgraduate students in the Humanities.

PK Nofal, the CEO of the Human Welfare Foundation, presented the foundation’s performance report. The welcome address was given by Dr. Rizwan Rafiqi. The session was conducted by Dr. Arif Nadvi, the Foundation’s Health Manager, and Saleemullah Khan, the Foundation’s Education Manager, who thanked all of the attendees.