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Quiz Time for Kids with Burooj

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Bangalore: Burooj Realization organised an Islamic Quiz for children in the city last month. “Many children are deprived of basic Islamic education owing to ill-programmed “Islamic classes” or those who do get the Islamic education, do not get the practical aspect of it and unfortunately it remains as a ritual to be practised in their daily lives,” says Dawood Vaid, chief of Burooj who was in Bangalore with his team.
With a BE in Engineering, Dawood, 34, had a comfortable job in Dubai, but his passion to impart Islamic education to children in a motivating and dynamic environment, initiated him to quit and migrate to Mumbai and set up Burooj in 2006. Burooj Realization comes with a programme that is practical and entertaining, so that the children look forward to it. “We at Burooj, believe in the fun – learn approach to education and that includes even the parents, instructors and administrators. Here at Burooj, fun is a serious business. You will go through a roller-coaster of emotions during our programs,” says Dawood. With 60 centers across India managed by volunteers, Dawood and his team are striving hard to impart the value of Islam to kids and teens in the most interesting style. For more details, contact: Burooj Realization, Plot A-46/47, Sector – 23, Habitat, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Email: [email protected]. Website: www.burooj.org