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Rahmani30 Achieves 92.30% Success Rate in CMA Exams

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Patna: With a success percentage of 92.30% this year, the Rahmani30 Commerce Program, which trains students for the Law, CA, CS, and CMA exams under its Commerce Department, outperformed the national average.

In the Rahmani30 Commerce Program, which was launched by Maulana Md. Wali Rahmani under the auspices of the CSEET (CS Foundation) during the epidemic, 12 out of 13 students qualified for the CSEET (CS Foundation) exam, while 11 out of 13 female students qualified for the CSEET (CS Foundation) exam.

Maulana Wali Rahmani used to be very concerned about the decision-making of our young As our young kids passed the tenth grade, Maulana Wali Rahmani used to be very concerned about their decision-making. A student typically chooses biology (NEET) if he or she is weak in math (JEE) and commerce if they are weak in science, meaning that their most important choice is usually dependent on their deficiencies rather than their hobbies or talents.

Despite the fact that all courses and streams offer a wealth of potential, they all demand a lot of work. Therefore, he used to counsel parents to support their children’s decision to pursue any field of study based on their interests and the adequacy of the opportunities presented.

Maulana Ahmad Wali Faisal Rahmani, Ameer E Shariat & Patron Rahmani30, praised Allah and congratulated all the participants while also pleading with parents to enhance their children’s involvement in streams like CA, CS, and Law (CLAT) in light of the tremendous potential for greatness that education in these subjects may provide.

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