Reconstruction Rather than Agitation

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Reconstruction Rather than Agitation

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Lucknow: The recently released All India Survey on higher education 2020-21 shows data indicating a fall of 8% in Muslim enrollment from 2019-20. However, the amazing fact is that this level of absolute decline has not happened to any other group neither Dalits, OBC’s nor Adivasis.

The educational backwardness of Muslims in India is too well known even before these surveys, however, I am writing in the hope that how we would try to undo the immense harm which the Karnataka government has done by scrapping the 4% Muslim sub-quota, the ministry of minority affairs has done by stopping the Maulana Azad fellowship for minority students from 2022-23.

Within the next few months, the Aligarh Muslim University old boys association (AMUOBA) will be observing October 17th as the birthday of Sir Syed not only in India but even in KSA, and other gulf countries, in Lucknow the heartland of U. P. which accounts for 36%, the maximum decline in the enrollment of higher education, AMUOBA will celebrate the celebrity’s traditional birthday at a spiraling cost in stark contrast to the disruption of access of higher education to the minority.

AMUOBA all over India must cancel these traditional celebrations and convert them into fundraising ceremonies, just because something is traditional is no reason to do it, of course. We as Muslims are expected to apply wisdom in the use of whatever little power we have, as this regime has taught us the importance of remaining alert and becoming self-reliant.