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Scholars draw resolutions to abandon dominant understandings based on cruelty and power.

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Istanbul: The World Islamic Scholars Peace, Moderation and Common Sense conference, organized by the Office of the President of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) with the participation of more than 100 scholars from 32 countries, ended in İstanbul with the reading of the final Communique.
President of Diyanet, Dr. Mehmet Görmez stated that over 1000 Muslims are being massacred every day. About nine percent of these are being massacred by their own Muslim brothers. These killings are not only in Iraq and Syria, but also in Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Africa. The following resolutions were made in the final Communique of the three-day forum:
v All Muslims are deeply wounded with the pains, tears, anguish, violence and conflicts being experienced in the many places of the Muslim geography. These events that are being experienced show that the common values of our civilization have been eroded in modern times and that the Muslim world has to display a concerted effort to revitalize these values. As a matter of fact it has been these values of our civilization that has guaranteed the basic rights of everyone living together irrespective of their beliefs and has secured their survival until today because all human beings are the children of Prophet Adam and all have equal rights. Human beings cannot be differentiated and discriminated according to their color, gender, language, geography, etc. It is natural that human beings are divided into various tribes, languages and colors. This is among the verses of Allah and is for getting to know each other, display solidarity and compete to do goodness. To turn these differences as a pretext for superiority and discrimination is void of any religious, moral or humane basis.
v Islam has been introduced to humanity to bring it tranquility, peace, security and the happiness in the two worlds. The Islamic religion has been introduced to humanity to bring it tranquility, peace, security and the happiness in the two worlds. Islam aims to create a community based on moral concerns. That is why in the historical process, the sects based on theology and Islamic law have emerged with the aim to explain the principle values of Islam and to create vitality for them in every time and platform. Sects cannot be made a pretext for actions that aim to terminate the principle goals of Islam.
v As a principle Islam forbids grudge, hatred and enmity. Islam never condones violence and conflict that has no
v Religion and sect are not the reasons for the current conflicts in the Muslim world, the real reason is passion for power and self-interests.
v It is impossible for a structure built on the killings of people, children, women and elderly, all victims of conflicts of self-interests, and driving people out of their homes, to identify itself with Islam.
v Jihad aims to defend people’s rights and prevent violation of legal rules. Creating chaos in the society, creating turmoil, mass killings, bombing mosques and committing massacres is called terrorism. Terrorism cannot be accepted as jihad. As a matter of fact in the traditions of Islam regarding faith, culture and customs there is no place for religious wars. Jihad aims to defend people’s rights and prevent violation of legal rules.
v Reference points for Muslims should be values based on justice, law and morals thus abandoning dominant understandings based on cruelty and power. An entity that lacks legal justification has no authority to declare war against a political gathering, any country or community. People have the right to live according to their sects, dispositions and traditions.
v Formations based on Islamic law and views on faith that emerged in Islamic history are schools of thought and they have all emerged in their own specific conditions. These historical conditions cannot last forever. Repetition and continuation of conflicts and tensions that have emerged in history in accordance with the conditions of those times cannot be desired.
v No sect, disposition or religious formation can declare its own views as the only absolute truth.
v The greatest duty that falls upon the scholars today is instead of issuing fatwas that create divisions among Muslims, is to see the differences in the Muslim world as blessings and riches and to rebuild the rules and morals of living together in peace.
v No one can be involved in an attitude to mitigate, scorn or belittle other groups, sects or religious manifestations.
v The inner civilization conflict situation that is being experienced within the Muslim geography should be halted as soon as possible and a situation of no-conflict should be created. All social, cultural, religious people in responsible positions led by responsible political concerns should make an all-out effort to spread the conditions and culture of no-conflict and transform it into a culture of cohabitation and evolution of the society in this regard.