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Roll back CAA exercise, Christian women ask government

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New Delhi: The Indian Christian Women Movement (ICWM) on January 9 urged the federal government to roll back the “unwanted exercise” of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens NRC and focus on “real issues affecting” the country. “In the stubborn insistence to go ahead with the NRC and CAA, we see nothing but a strategy to divert the attention of the people from the real issues and the development agenda,” the ecumenical body says in its letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The movement asks why the NRC and CAA are so important to the ruling disposition when the economy of the country is in a shambles. It lists increasing unemployment, rising prices and fall in production as the major issues of the country. “India is lagging far behind in the recently announced Human Development Index, the Gender Index and many other measures that are important indicators of growth as a nation state,” the letter points out. The movement also expresses it “deep concern” over waves of violence being unleashed in university campus and the “divisive factors tearing apart” India’s secular and inclusive social fabric. It finds the aggressive enforcement of CAA and NRC as subtle moves to turn the country into a mono-cultural and mono-religious state.
(For details, see http://mattersindia.com/2020/01/roll-back-caa-exercise-christian-women-ask-government/)