Saadi award Ceremony – Sa’adi Taught Humanity in All Facets: Iran Envoy

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Saadi award Ceremony – Sa’adi Taught Humanity in All Facets: Iran Envoy

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New Delhi: The 8th Sheikh Sa’adi Award Ceremony was held in the Iran Culture House to present the Islamic Republic of Iran’s prestigious Sa’adi Award to the Indian Persian scholars and university teachers in recognition of their contribution to Persian literature.

The Islamic Republic of Iran ambassador to India, Ali Chegeni, spoke on occasion and shed light on Sheikh Saadi’s life and achievements.

According to Ali Chegeni, Saadi is widely regarded as one of the best poets of the classical literary tradition, giving him the moniker “Master of Speech,” “The Wordsmith,” or simply “Master” among Persian scholars.

According to the Iranian envoy, Saadi taught humanity in all facets of his books and messages. He presented the methods of high-level communication between youths, i.e., between two nations, in his book Gulistan-e-Bostan.

Saadi Shīrāzī, better known by his pen name Saadi, also known as Sadi of Shiraz, was a prominent Persian poet and prose writer of the medieval period. He is recognized for his writings’ quality and the depth of his social and moral thoughts.

Dr. Syed Farooq congratulated the Iran culture House for encouraging the literary tradition and the awardees. He claimed that reading Bustan was a must when he was a kid.

Saadi has been quoted in Western traditions, and Bustan has been ranked as one of the 100 most outstanding books by London’s The Guardian, Dr. Farooq said.

Among those who were conferred Sheikh Saadi Award Prof. Mahmood Alam, Prof. Muhammad Mansoor Alam Masoodi, Prof. Muhammad Asif Naeem Siddiqui, Prof. Zakir Sharif, Prof. Akhlaq Ahmad Ahan Ansari, Prof. Syed Mohammad Asad Alayhi, Dr. Syed Kaleem Ather, Prof. Ali Musharraf Khan, Prof. Rajendra Kumar, Dr. Syed Mohammad son of Dr. Mohammad Sajid Khan and Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Wali. Each awardee was honoured with a citation a cash reward of Rs 25,000.

The seventh Sheikh Saadi award ceremony was canceled owing to the Covid-19 outbreak, said Dr. Ali Mohammad Rabbani, Cultural Counsellor of Iran. This was held in conjunction with the 8th ceremony.

Dr. Ehsanullah Shokrullahi, Director, Persian Research Centre Iran Cultural House, read out the profiles of awardees. Prof Kazim Kehdoi, University of Yezd, Iran, shed light on Sa’adi’s poetry and his popularity. Prof Mortoza Mohseni, Prof Azarmi Dukht Safavi, and other eminent scholars and dignitaries were also present on occasion.