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Salaam Centre Gifts Books to Public Library

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By A Staff Writer
The Salaam Centre here has gifted the Quran and its translations in Kannada, Urdu, Hindu, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam to the Seshadri Iyer Memorial Central Library known as ‘State Central Library’ situated in the Cubbon Park. Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin, chairman of the Centre who recently visited the Library found to his shock that the shelves meant for books on Islam has virtually no books on the religion. He approached the chief librarian and on his request delivered the Quran and its translations, books titled Follow Me, Islam: Facts vs. Fiction and Islam For You, originally authored by him in English and its translations in various languages.
The Librarian also made arrangement for display of a set of these books in the shelf for ‘New Arrivals’ too and requested him to send the set of these books to all the Local Library Authority branches in the State.
“Quran for All” once again
Even as the month of Ramadan is about to dawn, the Salaam Centre has launched again the drive “Quran for All” afresh. Large billboards inviting people to read the Quran for themselves has been emblazoned all across these billboards on prominent thoroughfares in the City. Some of the billboards say: “Read Quran: It is Available in the Language you like”. Some of these billboards are studded with Quick Response (QR) code too which enables motorists to record the message of the advertisement as well as contact in their iPhones.
The Salaam Centre has taken upon itself the task of reaching out to all those who aspire to know about Islam, pursues all enquiries and provides them a copy of the Quran with translation and other introductory literature to the aspiring ones.