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Siasat Urdu Daily’s Campaign for Simple Marriages – Boycott Expensive Weddings: Zahid Ali Khan

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Siasat Marriage

Hyderabad: Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat stated recently that due to un-Islamic rituals and inappropriate demands, the economy of the Muslims is getting weak. “The Muslim community does not realize it. If money is saved in marriages, many poor families could be helped in performing marriage of the destitute girls,” he stated while highlighting the purpose of the campaign initiated recently by the Siasat group. “People from America, Canada, Australia, UK and other countries are searching Siasat’s website for matrimonial alliance. Despite being wealthy, the age factor has became a serious issue for the marriages of Muslims girls,” he added.
Zahid Ali Khan explained that his campaign for simple marriage with one dish, and one sweet is producing positive results. At a Golconda function hall, four valima dinners were arranged with one dish and one sweet. A billionaire performed the marriage of his daughter by offering only one cup of tea to the guests, he confirmed.
He hoped that the mindset of the Muslim community will get a revolutionary change. He pointed out that the campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily is to save the Muslim community from un-Islamic rituals. He lamented that late coming of the bridegroom for marriage functions has become a routine. The evils of orchestra and music have became part of our weddings. The marriage procession reaches the house of the bridegroom at the time of fajr which disturbs the sleeps of the residents of the locality. He appealed to the youngsters to refrain from un-Islamic rituals and traditions. He proposed that the marriages which are performed by spending huge money should be boycotted.