Transform Muslim Enterprises into Corporate Sector, Rahman Khan

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Transform Muslim Enterprises into Corporate Sector, Rahman Khan

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Bangalore: Former Union Minister K Rahman Khan advised the Muslim industrialists to transform their companies into corporate entities. Speaking on the last day of 2-day the Muslim Industrial Association Summit held at Palace Ground on January 15, the former minister Khan said Muslims were dealing with a wide range of issues and had an inferiority complex, both of which needed to be addressed. He argued that attempts should be made to get people out of this attitude and inspire them with fresh ideas and thinking. Lauding the Muslim industrialists for their entrepreneurship, he said they should take a cue from the WIPRO which was a small business entity at the beginning now transformed into a big corporate house. They should follow the footsteps of WIPRO and elevate their holdings into big corporate companies, he said. He posed the Questions to the Ulema to give alternatives for not taking loans from the banks.

The leading Muslim business people in the city attended the two-day summit. Abdul Subhan, the Falcon Group of Institute’s promoter, and MLC Naseer Ahmad were also present. The Muslim Industrial Association Summit concludes with prospects for growth.