Nader Mahmoud Kouja

RULA Award for Prof. Rizvi of Jamia
Ishaat Hussain is TCS Chairman
Feroze Fatima

The Quran Memoriser with One Lung

Listening to his full Quran recitation will leave you spell-bound. And when you come to know that the 21-year-old has only one lung, it will cement your belief that ‘God manifests Himself in miracles’. Nader Mahmoud Kouja from Lebanon, knows the Quran completely by heart and recites it with amazing perfection despite his health challenges. Nader – which means ‘rare’ or ‘one of a kind’ – lives up to his name. He is bestowed with an exceptional talent and is humility personified. Ask him about his achievement and he quips: “I know it is a big challenge to finish this ‘sacred mission’ with not just one lung, but also respiratory issues, but to have the honour of memorising the words of Almighty Allah is one of a kind.” “By memorising the holy Quran, one feels safer, more relaxed, and inspired,” he says. “Your spirit, heart and mind become more divine and closer to the great Creator.” It makes one happy and satisfied in both life and beyond, he underlines. “The Quran has significantly sharpened my memory, boosted my academic performance, and won me people’s respect.”
Nader stared learning the holy book at the age of 14 at a mosque where small classes were held on a daily basis. He finished memorising it three years later when he was 17, despite his health problems. Nader, who leads worshippers in prayers back home in Lebanon, studied Sharia or Islamic sciences in his hometown Tripoli. He wishes to continue his graduation in the same subject and “to be a competent scholar in the future”. “I do believe in and adopt what Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) said: ‘The best of you is the one who learns the Quran.