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Jawed Habib, President of the Babri Masjid Action Committee, and editor once popular Urdu weekly Hujoom died at the age of 64
on October 11. Long known as youth leader, Jawed Habib stewarded the Babri Masjid movement for several years. The Committee later split and the splinter was led by Syed Shahabuddin MP. Jawed Habib also spearheaded the movement for restoration of the minority character of the Aligarh Muslim University. An alumni of the Aligarh Muslim University, he had also been elected the
President of the AMU Students Union in 1970s. He was born in Tonk in Rajasthan and took up residence in Zakirnagar of Okhla area in Delhi in early 1980. Following the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, the political career of the fiery youth leader eclipsed as the focus of the Muslim masses turned away from emotive issues. He leaves behind his wife Prof. Zubaida Habib who teaches at the Education Department of the Jamia Millia and three sons. He was laid to rest the next day in the Batla House graveyard after funeral prayers at the Jamia Millia Mosque the same day by a huge gathering of mourners.