Story of honest Mumbai cab driver’s honesty goes viral after passenger tweets

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A Twitter thread about an Ola cab driver, Asif Iqbal Abdul Gaffar Pathan, went viral after a passenger tweeted about how the man had gone out of his way to return a missing wallet. Twitter user @DarthSierra tweeted about this incident to highlight and change prejudices against cab drivers. In the thread, the passenger narrated the entire incident and spoke about the driver’s behaviour. An hour after reaching his destination, the man realised that his wallet had been misplaced, so he called the driver to inquire about it. During the conversation, Pathan told the passenger that he had kept the wallet safely with him and was on his way to return it. At 12:30 am, when the driver returned the wallet, the duo realised another coincidence that both of them had the same birthday. As a token of thanks, the customer shared a picture of Pathan, thanked him for his noble deed and wished him a happy birthday. People were impressed by Pathan’s honesty and tweeted their praise.