Tributes paid to Sahir Shaikh

Appointed Member of NIDM
From orphanage to collector’s office
Dr. Mini Shaji Thomas

Pune: Rich tributes were paid to revolutionary Marathi poet, Sahir Amar Shaikh here on November 14 on his birth anniversary. Prof. Jawadekar of the Bima-Nira Vikas Sanstha, Indapur, 150 kilometres south of Pune, gave away Sahir Amar Shaikh awards to several social workers and grassroots social activists. He pointed out that today highly communalized politics and politicians prevail, and forget the contribution of people like Shaikh who worked for social harmony. He was the first Marathi person who demanded a separate state i.e. Maharashtra for Marathi people before the reorganization of the states in India in 1950s. Since he was a secular and rationalist Muslim, today’s politicians have no value for this great son of India.