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Can Women without Spouses Accompany Us?

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We are four couples and have decided to perform Hajj 1438 Hijri by a private tour company. We are all in our 60s and are closely related to each other.
Now there are two ladies among close relatives who desire to join with us. First among these two is a widow and lives alone. She has no brother and had no offspring. She is economically sound. Since she is among our relatives, she wants to join us.
The second lady is living with her husband in a village. Her son stays away from her with his family and does not care for the parents. Her husband is weak and is not in a position to undertake the journey of Hajj.
He has permitted his wife to perform Hajj since we are all close relatives and going in a group.
Kindly clarify if both these relatives can join our group to perform the Hajj or otherwise.

Islamic Voice replies:

Let it be understood that the Saudi Arabian Government allows men and women who may not have their spouses (or are not accompanied by them) and are above 45 years of age, to perform Hajj if they are coming in a group. Therefore do not worry. The tour operator must be in the know of these regulations and he will make arrangement for your visa and other travel formalities.