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12 Levels of Friendship

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In Arabic, there are 12 levels of friendship. Most of our ‘friends’ are level 5 or below, and many of us don’t have a single level 12 friend !
Here are the levels:
1. Zameel – someone you have a nodding acquaintance with
2. Jalees – someone you’re comfortable sitting with for a period of time
3. Sameer – you have good conversation with them
…this is where things get serious
4. Nadeem – a drinking companion (just tea) that you might call when you’re free
5. Sahib – someone who’s concerned for your wellbeing
… now we’re in the real ranks of friendship
6. Rafeeq – someone you can depend upon. You’d probably go on holiday with them
7. Sadeeq – a true friend, someone who doesn’t befriend you for an ulterior motive
8. Khaleel – an intimate friend, someone whose presence makes you happy
9. Anees – someone with whom you’re really comfortable and familiar
10. Najiyy – a confidant, someone you trust deeply
11. Safiyy – your best friend, someone you’ve chosen over other friends
12. Qareen – someone who’s inseparable from you. You know how they think (and vice versa)
So go ahead and check the people you are close to !