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Hajj 2021 Sermon

The Prophet was a Teacher, Guide and Mentor
Hypocrisy and Hypocrites in the Quran: The Insincere Intentions VS. The Outward Actions
Burn Not Your Good Deeds

Sheikh Bandar Bin Abdulaziz Balila has delivered the Hajj 2021 Sermon at Masjid-e-Nimra on the day of Arafat.
Imam and preacher of the Grand Mosque, Sheikh Bandar Bin Abdulaziz Balila, during the Hajj Sermon urged the Muslims to worship in such a way that Almighty Allah is seeing them.

Points from Khutba:
• Surround yourself with Muslims who practice the Deen. They are your only True Friends in this Life and the Hereafter.
• Not everybody is out there to judge you; some want the best for you and want to help you get into Al-Jannah, value them.
• Indeed, a friend who doesn’t care about your Aakhirāh is not really your friend.
• Sometimes, the hardest person for you to correct is yourself. There is no shame in being wrong; the shame is in choosing to stay on the wrong path.
• Whatever takes you NEAR to Allah takes you AWAY from Hellfire. Whatever takes you AWAY from Allah takes you CLOSER to Hellfire.
• We all take tomorrow for granted because we believe tomorrow will always be there. Tomorrow maybe there, but we may not!
• Who said “TOMORROW” is guaranteed? Make the use of “TODAY” that you are blessed with!
• Yesterday, many thought they would see today, and today, many will think they will see tomorrow.
• Death could be tonight, in the next hour, the next second, yet we live as if we still have so many years to live.
• You may be rich, famous, or have a high status in this Duniya, but to the Angel of Death, you’re just another name on the list.
• Our Death and meeting with our Creator is approaching, yet our biggest worry is what we will wear tomorrow? #‎in competition
• One day, you’ll just be a memory for people and a lesson to others. Do everything you can to please Allah, be a positive lesson.
• Just imagine how many people were here with us last year but are no longer here again! Even our turn is soon approaching. May Allah forgive us and forgive them.
• We walk with our heads high up in the sky, unaware that one day we’ll be trapped 6′ Feet under the ground.
• You look for the latest fashion and designer clothes, but don’t forget O’ Son of Adam! You will end up being wrapped up in just a white shroud.
• Live to please the Creator, not the creation. If Allah is happy with us, what more can we ask for?
• It’s sad that we only begin to appreciate blessings, either materialistic things or good people; only after losing them. When it’s too late!? Do we really invest to be like them?
• You wouldn’t throw away a diamond to pick up a rock, so in the same way, don’t throw away the Aakhirah (Paradise) by chasing the Dunya (worldly).
• How do you expect to get Al-Jannah (paradise) when you haven’t worked for it in Dunya? That’s like expecting to pass an exam you never took a class for.
• We live in a time where people leave out food in fear of becoming overweight but cannot leave out sins in fear of Allah!
• For a believer. — you may be penniless, homeless, unemployed, sick, and feel like you have nothing. But you have the One thing that money can’t buy: “Allah.”
• Allāh knows what you want, what you need, what you deserve, at what time & what place, trust Him & His decisions (is best for HIS creation), He knows while you don’t.
• If a kaafir celebrity mentioned your name to the world, how happy would you be? Mention Allah in a gathering, and He mentions you to the angels!
• And, make the Qur’an your companion and a part of your life. Don’t let urself become a stranger to it. The Qur’an is like a friend; the longer the friendship lasts, the more you will know of its secrets.
• Don’t praise me because I’m on my Deen but pray for me because I have faults which you have not seen.
• Truly, Allah loves those who repent (the prodigal son), and He loves those who cleanse themselves.” [Al-Quran 2:222].
*May Allah purify our hearts. And peace and blessings of Allah be upon our noble Messenger of Allah, Muhammad and his household.*