Celebrating Saudi Heritage: Third Ramadan Nights Festival in Riyadh


Celebrating Saudi Heritage: Third Ramadan Nights Festival in Riyadh

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The Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts has launched the third Ramadan Nights Festival on March 20, 2024, in Riyadh, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency. Coinciding with the Saudi Table Tennis Federation’s third community tournament in the Al-Ma’athar neighborhood, this festival highlights the vibrant culture of Saudi Arabia.

Embracing the warm Ramadan ambiance, the festival showcases customs synonymous with the holy month, aiming to create a lively atmosphere while spotlighting the aesthetics and essence of Saudi culture. The event emphasizes the Kingdom’s rich past, identity, and heritage, evident in the costumes and cultural displays featured at the launch.

The festival provides a platform for amateur participants in fine arts to showcase their talents, alongside various captivating performances. With its focus on celebrating Saudi heritage, the Ramadan Nights Festival offers attendees a glimpse into the diverse and dynamic cultural tapestry of the Kingdom.