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A Rejoinder from Joel Hayward

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Muslims are Divided

The article on me in the February 2013 issue of Islamic Voice contains many errors of fact and interpretation. As Muslims we are obliged to tell the truth and to avoid all falsehood. I am sure you will thus remove the article or post my correction to it.
Let me be clear: I have never been a security advisor to Israel. I never went to Israel for higher studies. I have never converted to Judaism. The only religion I have converted to is Islam. I am not a Sufi. To this day I am an orthodox Sunni Muslim. I am not currently a Director of the Centre for Air Power Studies. I am a Professor at Khalifa Universzity, not a “visiting” academic there. I have never organized a single seminar in the Middle East on the pacifist nature of Islam. Indeed, I have never organized any seminar there on any subject. Why would I be interested in “implementing a project in the subcontinent that carries the stamp of US strategic interests.” I am not American. I think America’s presence in Pakistan has become unhelpful.
Please post my correction, or remove your wildly inaccurate post.
Professor Joel Hayward
Professor of International and Civil Security, Institute for International and Civil Security, Khalifa University, P.O. Box 127788′ Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, E: [email protected]