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Natural Born Futurist

Where has Our Ijtihad Vanished?
“Masjid Management stand up to the call of time or make way for others.”
The Ultimate Purpose of Our Lives

Dear Sir,
The article titled “Natural Born Futurist” by Ziauddin Sardar (May 2012 issue) was highly insightful. I am sure that after reading such
articles, Muslims will stop living in the past. This article should be given more publicity and I would appreciate if you can inform where I can get the book, “The future of Islamic Civilisation”. Haroon Shaikh, [email protected] Editor replies: The full article could be accessed at: http://ziauddinsardar.com/2011/02/natural-born-futurist/. You can order the book Islam, Postmodernism and other Futures by Ziauddin Sardar from www.Amazon.com