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We had called for narrations from readers about what they think is the “purpose of life” in October 2013. We received the first and only narration, from our reader in Madurai. Here, we publish his thoughts.   – Editor
Life of this world is transient and time waits for no one. Within this short span of existence, man must prepare for his goal.

By Dr.P.Hamid Abdul Hye


Man’s uniqueness lies in his faculty of reasoning. He must use this faculty to realize his Creator and through His guidance, emerge triumphant both in this world and Hereafter. Life of this world is transient and time waits for no one. Within this short span of existence, man must prepare for his goal. In this process, he cannot neglect the life of this world. He must live it out fully and usefully. The purpose of life is meaningful action, which must make him write his name indelibly on the sands of time.
I was blessed with a happy childhood. My parents were knowledgeable and pious. They gave me good education and inculcated in me the importance of ‘Taqwa’. My brother, an advocate, with deep knowledge of Islam, taught me the Quran and sowed the seed of an abiding interest in Tamil and English literature.
During my school years, a government doctor in my village Natham, made an impression with his demeanour which ignited a desire for medical education. I joined M.B.B.S course at Stanley medical college, Chennai. My senior was Dr.Mumtaz Ahmed khan who was indeed a role model for juniors. Later I obtained Diploma in Child Health at Madurai Medical College.
Even during my school years, I had great fascination for poetry and penned Tamil poems and got them published in school and later college magazines. My friendship with a genius, flung wide open the gates of literary pursuit. He was the distinguished author, Allama M.R.M. Abdur Raheem Sahib, who single handedly wrote and published three volumes of Islamic encyclopedia (Tamil) as well as hundred books of great merit. He was my source of inspiration. He would say often that there was always a vacant place at the top and one must strive to reach that spot and never leave the world without achieving a visible mark.
Another friendship with Prof.K.Abdul Gafoor Sahib, a matchless orator and a brilliant writer, fine tuned my language and knowledge. My entry into Tamilnadu medical service gave me ample opportunities to teach generations of medical students. As a pediatrician, I practised and served the poor and needy with care and concern.
Writing became my passion and goal. My journalistic pursuit began in 1984 and continues to this day. My topics of interest being Islam, science, medicine and history, my write ups number around 450 so far! I have authored three books and scores of booklets.
Indeed it is a pleasure and privilege that my articles in English have been published in Islamic Voice, Radiance Weekly and The Muslim World League Journal of Saudi Arabia. Write ups in Tamil are being published in many leading Islamic Journals.
I did translation in Tamil of three medical books for National Book Trust, Govt of India. They are Heart Disease and Layman, Narcotic Drugs and Memory Mystery. They have been published. My English article ‘Smoking’ won the best article award (overall categories) in the competition conducted by the world Muslim Writers Association, Abu Dhabi(UAE) in the year 1992. In appreciation of my literary output, Tamilnadu Islamic Literary Association in the year 2004, conferred on me the title “TAMIL MAAMANI” (Ace Tamil Literate).
To quote Imam Navavi (RA): “A writer is also a Mujahid”- one who strives in the way of Allah.
(Dr.P.Hamid Abdul Hye MBBS.,DCH.
‘Al-Shifa’ 62, 3rd Street, Poriyalar Nagar,
Natham Road, Madurai-625014