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Ban Cone Speakers

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This is with reference to the news item in Islamic Voice: “Muslim Group Supports Move to Control Loudspeaker Noise.” The Muslim community had already started removing the cone speakers and replacing them with box speakers. First of all, loud speakers of whatever decibel strength have nothing to do with Islam or the five times prayers. Almighty Allah enjoins upon Muslims to pray and make their supplications without making noise of any sort. Even a person standing next to another person in the congregational prayer cannot hear the voice of the other. Muslims can ascertain prayer timings from calendars, cell phones and the schedule displayed in mosques. Muslims should completely do away with the cone speakers and be law-abiding citizens. The government at the Centre and in all States should find ways and means to solve this issue as early as possible, in cooperation with people of all faiths, atheists and agnostics, included.

M.N. Muhammed, Chennai.