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God’s Help Can Take Any Form

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Helping Others Can Be God’s Means to Alleviate Our Own Suffering

By Cyma Khan

As inhabitants of this temporary world, we’re always faced with challenges. We have our agonies, some of which only we and our Creator are aware of. Some of us choose to express our anguish, while some suffer in silence.  
Faced with hardship and distress, we turn to God, The All-Hearer, to seek His help. None can rescue us from our hardships other than God, The Helper. We believe that God is listening to us in our pain and that He will help us. But at the same time, do we also believe that even in our most distressed condition, when where we’re in need of desperate help ourselves, we’re also still capable of helping others, and that this gesture of ours can actually be the relief that we need, sent to us by God? 
We being creatures, cannot imagine the Divine planning of our Creator. When we invoke God to rescue us from our hardship, we must never underestimate any small gesture that we can provide to others in service. We must not close our eyes to the troubles of others. We should not expect that God will miraculously send down His angels for our rescue. No! God’s help can take any form, even in the form of us being a means to help alleviate someone else’s suffering””in which case, we just need to offer our hand and accept whatever calls us. A ‘small’ act of kindness on our part to someone else can be the means that God uses to provide us relief and could even increase our well-being, in ways we could never imagine.