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Good Step by Modi

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Reflections on Shibli Nomani

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi extended his invitation to the prime minister of Pakistan, to attend his oath-taking ceremony and by this single gesture, has given a delightfully unexpected turn to the diplomatic course in the region. As much as the gesture stunned the leadership across the border, it has aroused hope among the people in India and Indian Muslims. Although we cannot expect all the festering wounds to heal overnight, it was a good step by Modi. Poor relations with Pakistan are in no one’s interest. Both countries end up spending more than they normally should, on defence. The invitation has allayed fears, at least for the moment, that relations with Pakistan may deteriorate under the Modi regime. Only communication can bridge the gap. Now, Pakistan should address India’s concerns and a healthy relationship should develop, that promotes regional peace
Mohd. Asim Khan, ([email protected])