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Religious Highhandedness

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The write-up, “Need to bring down the din” in Islamic Voice, May 2017 is apt. Since religion is a private matter, the observance of religious rituals should be confined to the place of worship. Our devotion to God/ religion should not be a cause of conflict in our multi-religious social set up. A true Muslim does not harm others either with his hand or tongue. Islam means peace, let peace prevail in society. Even Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) advised us not to pollute the environment and nature, peace and tranquility are integral part of nature. Then why should we disturb the serene ambience by emitting electrically generated blaring noise from the loudspeakers of the mosques or shrines. Who are we pleasing by creating din through loudspeakers in the name of religion? Compelling unwilling ears to listen to azaan or sermons, or recitations or whatever it may be, through loudspeakers is tantamount to religious highhandedness. Hence, before any judicial intervention is warranted in this regard, it is better to regulate the use of loud speakers in our mosques and shrines.

Khaleel Ahamed, Heggere, Tumkur