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The article ‘Role of Waqf institutions in Post-Covid-19 Era’ (July 2021) was exciting. The report first dealt with the inception of Awqaf and then gave information about the service rendered by various NGO’s and Waqf institutions during these difficult times. But what caught my attention was the write-up on “Cash Waqf,” and its success in different Islamic countries. Use of technology will increase the number of donors is the key message given here. It is a well-documented article and provides a road map for the future prospects of Awqaf. I hope the executives in the Waqf Boards will take note of this. Mr. Tahsin Ahmed’s articles always carry accurate data and valuable information benefiting the community and society.I look forward to reading more of his articles.
Rahiman Sab. CA

I have been reading Islamic voice for quite a while now. I get new perspectives as new issues/stories get featured. The July edition had excellent points being raised regarding mass production of halal meat, with Eid around the corner, and the article on the legal aspect was also good.

I was concerned about this, especially when going to restaurants where the staff is trained to say ‘halal’ or the companies and restaurants wanting the ‘halal certificate’ than making the meat halal.
Keep up the fantastic work. I look forward to contributing to the magazine. To be very honest with you, it reminds me of ‘Young Muslim Digest,’ a magazine we used to get back in school.
Atta Rahman

Madrassas provide spiritual education, which teaches morals and builds character. It should be followed up with material education, including STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths to carve out professional careers.
Both spiritual and material education is equally crucial for becoming a decent citizen and productive member of society. One without the other is like walking with one leg or one hand.