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Light a Little Candle

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I really appreciate the many positive, inspiring and useful articles that Islamic Voice regularly publishes. However sometimes I spot some stories about negative things””about political wranglings, communalism, etc. I personally feel that such stories should be avoided. It isn’t that these negative things aren’t happening. They are, but so much of the media already gives so much space to them, so what use does it serve to repeat the same news in IV? Why waste paper and newsprint on articles that aren’t going to bring about any positive change?
People today need inspiration and hope in the context of all the negative things that are happening in the world. So, there is an urgent need to provide them positive news, even about so-called small efforts to promote positivity at the micro-level. I’d urge you to kindly focus just on that.
Complaining about negative things serves no positive purpose at all. It only leads to hopelessness and despair. Shouting against the darkness won’t cause the darkness to go. All you need for that is to light a little candle!