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Need for Balance of Modern and Islamic Education

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I read the article, “Quality Education is the Need of the Hour” by Mr. Maqbool Ahmed Siraj in Islamic Voice, June 2016. First, let me state that quality education does not mean just Urdu education or the college/school education. The word “education” means gaining knowledge. It does not specify any particular kind or type of knowledge. We have the right to opt for the modern education or Islamic education in madrasas. I have seen Muslims opting for one type of education and abusing the other one. I have witnessed students of schools and colleges abusing the students of the Madrasas, and I have also witnessed many students of the Madrasas abusing the modern educated students. The basic concept of abusing each other is that modern educated people think that Madrasas are only for the dull, the backwards, and failures. On the other hand, the Madrasa students consider modern education as “Kufr”. According to me, both sides should be well balanced. A person should become a graduate and also an “Aalim” or a “Faazil”. This is when we all will touch the stone of success. This is the actual meaning of “Quality Education”.

Rasheedur Rahman Shihab
Founder President, Islamic Media Centre
[email protected]