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Now is the Time for Women

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Many writers and philosophers have glorified woman. Women bring discipline in humanity. Through centuries, they have deftly judged their various roles as daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, scholars, administrators, scientists and journalists. Today, their world is in turmoil because they refuse to play a subjugated role in the society. When rewards are distributed, the woman gets one half the pay that a man gets, and if disgrace is given out, she bears it all. Male domination has had some very unfortunate effects. It has even made marriage into a master- slave relationship instead of one between equal partners. If women assert themselves to protect their rights, they are labeled as aggressive and rebels. Women are today being treated as inferior beings and this is due to religious and social prejudices. Osho says: “My own vision is that the coming age will be the age of woman.” It’s time that woman all over the world proclaim with one voice : “Enough is enough. We are here to save the world and shape the destiny of mankind.”
S.P. Kewal, Shastrinagar, HAL Post. Bangalore