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“The Caged Bird Sings,” Sarah Fatima wrote a poem, has adorned the pages of IV, the March issue 2022. A young budding writer- Poetess.
I congratulate her; she dared to tread this off the norm path. I hope she will motivate other youths to follow their passions in different fields.
Now, when it comes to the poem, she gets into the cruelty of the human, who has caged the beautiful bird for his desires and fancies. He has clipped the wings of freedom. He has seized the moments of happiness the bird can sing and enjoy flying freely to its pleasure.
The Poet has captured the feelings of pain, agony, and helplessness of a free bird being imprisoned in a cage, held behind bars against her will, which this young Poet very well describes. Bird’s singing in happiness has transformed into wailing and pleading for freedom.
Moving forward, Sarah has adapted the analogy of reversed roles very well when the Pandemic hit the world. The humans were forced to be imprisoned within their premises. It was the loneliness and the segregation that had snuffed the life of human beings. Longing for freedom and to roam around at will had become a mirage.
The man’s plight had become very similar to the plight of the caged bird.
The Poet laments, only if the hard-hearted people could listen to the silent cries of the “Bird in the cage” and how mercilessly the life and dreams of the bird, born to fly free, were shattered by the cruelty of a human being.
I hope she will continue to contribute in IV regularly, and we get the chance to enjoy more of her creative writings.
Qazi Minhaj Azher

Read the poem “A Caged Bird Sings” by Sarah Fathima in the March issue of IV. It is great! First it reminded me of Allama Iqbal’s poem ‘Pareendae Ki Fariyaad’: “Aata hai yaad mujh ko woh guzra huwa zamana. Woh Baagh ki Baharein, chudiyoan ka cheh chehana” etc.
Speaking vividly about the bird’s plight, she softly glides the focus on humans during the Pandemic and has profoundly impacted our hearts and minds.
There is so much more to praise about the poetic richness!
Prof. Nilufer Sameena

Today I received the March 2022 issue of Islamic Voice; thank you very much.
As usual, at the first instance, I read the article of Mr. Tahsin Ahmed Saheb. His present article titled “Need for Gaali Free campaign” is very well written with a deep concern for the welfare of society.
He has rightly pointed out that some boys have adopted and have used foul, vulgar words while speaking to one another in normal mode or while quarreling.
Not only this, they spit in the road without caring for the passers-by.
Janab Tahsin Ahmed has made an excellent suggestion to cleanse society from these bad habits using the Jumma Urdu sermons.
Many more things can be achieved if the sermons are modified and modernized.
T.J.Afzal Baig

I was so happy to see your article against profanity in this issue, which I was confronting long ago, has become a significant point of action. So when I saw your article, I could not resist thanking you. And hope people will now help our youngsters from refraining from this.