Ontology- The study of Being

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To promote leadership among Muslims and revive them from their backwardness the only solution is to revert to the context of the Quran and Sunnah.

On this foundation, history shows Muslims built a brilliant civilization that was the precursor to Western civilization. This was a historical fact.

Much could be done better if we had enough time to introspect, contemplate and involve professional management as a part of the development programme.

The whole world is rapidly progressing in knowledge, technology and advances in management etc. This has enabled us to see multiple results unseen in earlier centuries. Constant research is being carried out on professional management, productivity, creativity, result-oriented behaviour patterns etc. all as a part of modern advances in management.

We commonly understand the human body by studying anatomy and physiology. The study of the mind is known as psychology. But there is one branch of human knowledge unknown to many of us. It is called Ontology. This is the study of being. The major problem with human beings is they do not behave like human beings. This results in failures, suffering etc.

Every human being is born as innocent as it is naked. Life itself starts as an empty vessel full of opportunities. As we grow the surroundings decide our future. A Prophet (Pbuh) says “ Every child is born as a Muslim – fitrah (submitting to the law of nature)and parents and others mould to different sects and segments.”

There is extensive research taking place around the world about Ontology. Study of humans as being. Between human being and Divine being the command word is being. How this is connected to each other is a new study, which is unfolding in a new era of knowledge and wisdom.

Quran is the word of God that directly and explicitly connects human beings and divine beings.

In fact, when I study modern development it looks as if they have been stolen from the Holy Quran and Sunnah. This is available freely for Muslims as a bonus. Unfortunately, Muslims are not aware of it.

Sadathullah Khan, editor of Islamic Voice has made extensive studies on modern findings along with Quran and Sunnah. He has produced a programme “Discover yourself”. This has been widely acclaimed as one of the best workshops around the world in the USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia etc. Those who have attended have benefited.

This has a great impact on improving interpersonal relationships, developing creativity, productivity, profit, benefit and peace of mind etc.

It is my earnest and humble request to everyone that you participate in this workshop. This will give new insight and perspective to our faith and practices. It will enable us to discover who we really are. This will benefit success and bliss not only in Duniya but also in Akirah the final dwelling place for humanity. Insha Allah…. May Almighty Allah help us.