The Science Behind Homeopathy


The Science Behind Homeopathy

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The Science of Homeopathy is an ancient law that was in operation thousands of years ago and became lost in antiquity-but the principle was still there waiting to be discovered.

The discovery came through a man called SAMUEL HAHNEMANN who was born in Germany in 1755 and obtained his M.D. degree in 1779. Through his experiments and research, he brought forth the law of drug action called SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTIVE (“like cures like”) which still holds good. His other published works include ORGANON OF RATIONAL MEDICINE and MATERIA MEDICA PURA written from his personal proving and those of friends and family.

Hahnemann began his experiment taking CINCHONA BARK – the only known cure for ague in those days. He took very large doses of the concoction and to his surprise, he got the ague (Malaria).In diluting it the ague lessened, the more the remedy was diluted and shaken the quicker the cessation of ague happened. A discovery was made, and Homeopathy was born again into the world!!

All homeopathic remedies, tinctures, pilules, etc. are made based on this “LAW OF SIMILARS” or LIKE CURES LIKE. Any person who is ill-who is with DIS-EASE can be cured by Homeopathy if their symptoms –physical, mental, and emotional-agree with those of the remedy chosen from the MATERA MEDICA. A detailed case history helps the practitioner to pinpoint the correct remedy which will make you healthy again.

Homeopathy, apart from being a very safe and sure way of getting well, has many more advantages. For example, the pills are small, sweet, and easily dissolve on your tongue, thereby getting into your bloodstream immediately. You do not need to swallow them with water like tablets. They can be given to old and young alike and to plants and animals. They have no expiry date.

Keeping a few commonly useable remedies like ARNICA (Leopard’s Bane) for injuries and BELLADONNA ( Deadly Nightshade)for any inflammations with you is an excellent idea always.