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78% Students Can’t Converse in Arabic, No Teaching of Maths, Kannada

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By A Staff Writer
Seventy eight per cent of the students who have graduated from Madrassas, the Islamic theological schools, cannot converse in Arabic language; over 86% of these madrassas do not impart instructions in basic mathematics and civics; 74 % of them do not have a library. These statistics have emerged from a survey of the 29 leading madrassas in Karnataka by the Students Islamic Organisation (SIO).
The survey released at a press conference by Maulana Waheeduddin Khan Umri, President of the Majlisul Ulema, points out that the madrassas suffer from severe deficiency of physical facilities essential for the development of students. Sixty five per cent of them do not have a playground; around 90% do not have articles related to sports and games; and over 96 per cent do not have any instructor for physical training. It further adds that 27.5% do not have their own building and are run within mosques. Seventy two per cent do not have arrangement for teaching of English and Kannada, the latter being the State’s official language in Karnataka. It further says, 93% of the madrassas do not have any arrangement for First Aid, a statutory condition for any premises where people work, learn or stay. Around 76% madrassas do not impart training in operation of computers, which are becoming indispensable for the day to day needs of life as well as for running of the institutions.
The survey was conducted between May 2013 and April 2014. The report found the Jamia Islamia at Bhatkal, Madrasa Baitul Uloom at Sindgi, Hauz Ilmiah Baqarul Uloom at Alipur and Jamia Ziaul Uloom of Kundalur to be ideal institutions for learning as they were found to have modern libraries, computer labs, playgrounds and were giving instructions in English and Kannada. Several of their students were enrolled in the Maulana Azad Urdu University’s Distance Education programme.
Maulana Umri who released the Report emphasized incorporation of modern and secular sciences in the Madrassa curriculum in order that the students graduating out from these institutions could face the challenges of life with confidence. SIO state president Tauseef Ahmed Medikeri was also present on the occasion.