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Jamiat-Ulema-e Hind – An Act of Kindness

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By Imran Inamdar

On July 1, 2018, the family of Bharat Bhonsle were left stunned, broken and distraught after they were informed that Bharat along with four other men had been mob lynched on suspicion of being child traffickers.
Three months later, their hope in humanity was partially restored thanks to the efforts of the Solapur district unit of Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind, which bore all the expenses of Bharat’s daughter Puja’s wedding.
In July, Bharat, who belonged to the Nath Panti Davari Gosavi Samaj, a nomadic tribe, went to Dhulia with four other men to attend some religious function. While Bharat Bhonsle (50) Bharat Malve (50), Dadar Rao Bhonsle (35) and Raju Bhonsle (45) were from Mangalweda in Solapur, another person Agnu Ingole (22) was from Bijapur (22).
The incident occurred in the tribal area of Raeen Pada of Dhulia district on July 1, 2018. He was survived by four children and a wife.
As soon the news became viral, the Maharashtra president of JUH Nadim Siddiqui and head of legal cell, Advocate Tahvar Pathan and local office bearers visited the victims’ families and handed over the cheque of fifty thousand as interim relief.
Moulana Ibrahim, Solapur distṛict President, told that despite being a religious organisation, JUH is undertaking various project all over India without considering cast and creed. “The mob lynching of these marginalised people were really unfortunate”¦it is our social responsibility to help these downtrodden families. I must thank our office bearers Yunus Dongaonkar, Qayyum Bhai Jamadar, Hafiz A.Hamid Chanda, Salim Bagban, Hafiz Riyaz, Taslim Ankuje and social activist Hasib Nadaf for active participation in this noble cause.”
According to Taluka president Salim Bagban, all the five lynching victims have left 14 children behind, some of whom are school students. “We are going to support them to complete their education so that they can lead a comfortable life,” he added.
Bride’s brother Sunil Bhosle thanked JUH for extending a helping hand in shouldering the wedding’s responsibility. He said that managing the expenses would have been extremely difficult had it not been for JUH.
Prabhakar More, the Police inspector of Mangalweda Police station, who was present at the wedding, lauded JUH and for their support to the marginalised family. While speaking with, he expressed his deep gratitude on behalf of the District superintendent and the entire police force.
Meanwhile, Maratha Seva Sangh, Solapur unit took notice of the JUH humanitarian deed and felicitated all the member of the organisation on October 31 at their office.