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Making a Difference with “Changing Hands”

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By Shakila Ayub

There is a wide gap between materially-rich people and materially-poor people in large parts of the world. In different societies, sensitive, large-hearted people have tried to bridge this gap in different ways. So, too, have many governments.
This gap can also be reduced through individual initiatives. A considerable difference can be made in this regard if each one of us, fortunate to be materially comfortable can do their bit in this regard, realizing it as their duty to humankind.
In this regard, I would like to launch a project called “CHANGING HANDS” , along with a group of friends and like-minded people, through which we can collect excess household articles in good condition from people and pass them on to economically-needy people who might find them useful.
We need to keep our intentions pure while we are at this task. By collecting excess things from people’s homes is not about “clearing your own clutter of things” and dumping it on someone else.
I would like to call this task, as “sharing” all the good things you may have collected over the years, and giving it to people who may find it useful in their homes.
It could be good clothes (not torn or worn out), furniture, utensils, kitchen pots and pans, arts and crafts, good unused linen like table covers, and many other things.
I have often felt that people can live a contented life having just the basic few comforts they need. We often indulge in luxury, go on a shopping spree, and end up not using many things which we buy ourselves. They end up being stored in the attics, or cupboards.
I am sure many people are “attached” to the things they have, it could have been gifted to them by someone, or they would have bought it themselves, so they find it difficult to let go.
But really reflect on this reality, that when we all leave this earthly world, what do we take with us? Nothing, except our good deeds!. Right?
So while we are here, let us make the best use of our resources and share it with those in need! God Willing!
(For more information, please contact me on:
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