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Muslim World League, Moscow sign Deal to tackle Extremism

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Al-Issa signed a cooperation agreement between the MWL and Moscow’s Fund for Islamic Culture, Science and Education

Muslim World League Secretary-General Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa meets Russian Parliament Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin in Moscow.

Moscow: Moscow and the Muslim World League (MWL) are to develop closer ties following a meeting between the body’s secretary-general and the speaker of the Russian Parliament. Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa met Vyacheslav Volodin to discuss dialogue and cultural exchange, the Saudi Press Agency reported.In the meeting, they discussed subjects related to promoting and supporting dialogue among followers of different religions and civilizations, activating cultural contacts and exchanges between the Muslim world and Russia and highlighting the importance of religious leaders in promoting positive integration. Volodin said the MWL secretariat is leading a broad global movement towards promoting universal harmony and noted its global influential religious power.
Al-Issa signed a cooperation agreement between the MWL and Moscow’s Fund for Islamic Culture, Science and Education. The agreement focused on tackling extremism and promoting tolerance. It also addressed the interaction between Muslims and Islamic organizations in Russia and Muslim-majority countries. The agreement stressed the need for cooperation in the fight against extremism, intolerance, aggression and hostility among religions, races and ideologies that could lead to terrorism. The agreement also provided for the urgent need to cooperate among organizations of a humanitarian nature, in order to ensure communication among different peoples and cultures. It also stressed the need to start implementing its provisions to achieve and promote peace and security. Both parties agreed to exchange information on the activities of scientific centers, cultural forums and websites. The fund will act as a mediator for the MWL’s charity work in Russia with Islamic organizations and institutions. The Russia-Islamic World strategic vision group was established in 2006, in response to Russia joining the Organization of Islamic Cooperation as an observer. Russian President Vladimir Putin had earlier said the Muslim world could “fully count” on Russia’s help and support.
“We are ready to boost cooperation with our partners in confronting terrorist forces as well as in search for ways to peacefully resolve regional crises,” Putin said in an address to participants of the strategic vision group.