Asia-Pacific Leadership Summit

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Kathmandu: Religious leaders and social organizations must address global current challenges, and have budget for peace initiatives, a Jain religious leader told the Asia-Pacific Leadership Summit held in Kathmandu. Ambassador of Peace, Acharya Lokesh Muni from New Delhi said that “religious and social organisations have significant contribution in addressing the current global challenges.” About 1,500 participants from 45 countries participated in the November 30-December 3, 2018 summit. In the Indian context, Lokesh Muni said, “I would like to mention that 80 percent of the population believe in some faith or the other. Any faith when understood in its real sense presents many solutions to human problems. Religion has always established civilizations.’ Religious organisations teach people how to live a balanced life’, he added saying, “They are also open to hearing people’s problems as they work for individual, family, community, national and international levels.” Founder of Peace Education, Lokesh Muni insists that “Value based education should be part of our education system for peaceful society.” The Asia-Pacific Leadership Summit 2018, was organised by the South Korea-based Universal Peace Federation and supported by the Nepal Government.
 (Extracted from mattersindia.com)