National Muslim Social Leadership Summit

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MOEMIN (Movement for Empowerment of Muslim Indians) will hold its first “National Muslim Social Leadership Summit” from 13-15th February 2015. The thrust of the proposed “National Muslim Social Leadership Summit” includes – engaging the young upcoming social leaders; planning for future strategies for concentrated efforts to achieve goals; to motivate social activists to commit themselves to be part of the campaign for social development programs for the next two years, to get enlightened and share innovative and bold solutions to pressing social and environmental issues from each other; to work for intra community and inter community dialogue; to explore possibilities to develop skilled leaders in different fields; to engage the participating activists in dialogue with politica leaders and to do analysis of the government initiated schemes and to get acquainted with ways to engage people to join a cause and do more. For further details, write to Navaid Hamid at [email protected] or No 2143, Ahata Kaley Sahab, Qasimjan Street, Ballimaran, Delhi 110 0016. Navaid Hamid ,General Secretary, MOEMIN 9811643929