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Call for Applications for Fellowships
The Centre for Study of Society and Secularism (CSSS), an organization founded by late Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer has announced scholarship in Islamic Studies for young researchers. The Centre set up by reformist-writer Asghar Ali Engineer in 1993 has announced fellowships for work on the research areas like 1- Liberation Theology in Islam, 2- Islam and Gender Justice, 3- Feminist readings of islam, 4- Sufi Islam, 5- Reforms within the Islamic world, 6- Secularism and Islam, 7- Islam and Democracy, 8- Emerging challenges within Islam, 9- Islam and Interfaith engagement, 10- Islam and concept of compassion and mercy, 11- Environment, climate change and Islam, 12- Gender diversity and Islam, 13- Islam and Doctrines of Peace 14-
Applicants are required to send letters to [email protected] accompanying a statement of purpose not exceeding 500 words describing the topic the applicant wishes to pursue and the reasons for the same. Scholars belonging to weaker sections of society, women and those who are differently abled/physical challenged will be given preference.
The selected candidate will be given fellowship amount of Rs. 25,000 per month for a period of one year. The continuation of fellowship for another year will be decided after evaluation of the work done during the first year.

What’s App Group to Help Imams
“Malegaon Club”, a What’s App group formed by seven Muslim youth to provide medical assistance two years ago, has so far collected Rs. two lakhs and helped the staff and personnel attached to the mosque management in the town. The group formed two years ago has now a membership of 1,200 people. According to Matheen Hafeez, one among the founders, the members were pained to see the muezzins and imams of the mosque running from pillar to post to muster up resources for medical bill for themselves or their family members. The group now funds purchase of medicines for the ailing persons.